A few Favorite Birthday Gifts.

I just celebrated my birthday at the beginning of the month. It was such an amazing day. It started off with a morning of gifts and love from my husband and boys, followed by a drive up the canyon to a hot springs swimming pool, which was definitely the highlight of my day.  It's a pretty good size outdoor pool with the warmest, purest water ever!  The pool has a metal roof and on this morning it started pouring down rain, so here I was, surround by loved ones, (we had the place to ourselves) and swimming my little Pisces heart out in the warmest water ever while listening to the sound of rain on a metal roof.  I tell ya, I had such a moment of pure bliss! I was in heaven!

Afterwards, we went out to lunch at the Cheesecake factory (my favorite), did a little shopping at Pottery Barn (also my favorite), and that evening I had some lovely girlfriend over for drinks. 
It really was a special day.

But anyway, that was weeks ago, and now everyday I'm waving bye to another day of my thirties. 
(I turned 39 by the way)

Boy's Bedroom Makeover - AGAIN!

I think I have made over my boy's room more times than any other room in our home.  I just got done painting their room for the 3rd time since we moved here 4 year ago. But that's okay, I think it's important to switch things up in their room as they grow older and as their interest change.

But before I share the new look, I wanted to give you a quick run down at how their shared bedroom has evolved over the years,  I'm excited myself to take this little trip down memory lane 😃

When we first moved into our home in 2013 I painted one wall of their room with chalkboard paint, and then I painted the rest of the walls in a blue called, 'Soft Jazz' by Benjamin Moore. We went with a baseball theme and I had a favorite picture of each boy printed and framed to go above their beds. You can see more of this look HERE.


Breakfast Quesadilla

Spring Home Tour 2017

Yay for Spring!
I feel like I have been anticipating spring's arrival since January :) And now we're already into March and the days are getting brighter and warmer and this girl here could not be any more happy about it.

Today I'm really excited to get to share my Spring Home Tour with you as part of a fun new Seasonal Simplicity Series hosted by April, from House by Hoff and Krista, from The Happy Housie

Today is the last day of this week long tour, so when you're done here be sure to go see all of the other bloggers and their beautiful decorated homes. I have provided all of the links at the end of this post. If you are already following along on the tour, then you should be coming from My Fabuless Life. Jen's home is always decorated so cute.  

So let's get started!

A Springtime Prelude with Balsam Hill

After the long harsh winter we've had, I am so excited to welcome the spring season. I love spring and everything that spring has to offer, including the warmer sunny days and fresh blossoms. Really when you think about it, isn't it the flowers that makes spring so special? The tulips and daffodils popping up out of the dirt and the tiny little blossoms on the trees, that is what  comes to mind when I think about spring. I love flowers and that is why I was so delighted to have been asked to take part in Balsam Hill's new floral campaign,  A Springtime Prelude.

Balsam Hill has invited me, along with 10 other talented bloggers to share with you a look at Balsam Hill's new beautiful floral arrangements and greenery that just came out for spring. As you already know, Balsam Hill offers the most glorious Christmas trees but just wait until you see their new Spring floral collection. It is all so realistic looking and simply Stunning!

Salvaged Wood Coat Rack

I recently shared our basement makeover reveal, did you happen to see it?
If not, be sure to catch it HERE, It's a pretty great Before and After if I don't mind saying myself.
In that reveal I shared this coat rack that I made out of some salvaged wood and today I wanted to share a little more about it.

Life is Better at the Beach! New Beach Decor in our Kitchen

Only five more weeks until our Beach Vacation!!! 
Can you tell I'm excited?  Our family has rented a little beach house in northern California for Spring break.  We will be exploring the beaches of  northern California and southern Oregon Coast and we will also be checking out the beautiful Redwood forest.  I Cannot wait!

I am a beach girl and there is no where else I'd rather be than the beach,
Because Life is just better at the Beach!

Exciting News! New Etsy Shop!

I have some exciting news to share with you today!
I collaborated with my sister, who owns a printing company, Berkley Ink, and together we came up with some adorable Spring pillow designs that I will be selling in my new ETSY Shop!!

Our Family Room/Basement Reveal!

There is a room in our home that I have never ever shared here on the blog before, and that would be our basement!
  It seems weird that I've never shared this room before because it is the room that my family spends the most time in. The reason why I haven't ever shared this room is because when we first moved into our home, I had an agreement with my husband and two boys that I could decorate the upstairs ANY way I wished, but the Basement, That was for the guys and I was not allowed to decorate it.  Fair enough, right? Well let's just say it was looking pretty rundown, so I talked them into letting me give it a fresh new paint job and they agreed.  My husband help choose the new paint color and it now looks so much better and worthy of a blog post.

So Behold Our basement! 
/ aka The family room / aka the t.v. room / aka the playroom / aka the movie room / aka the video game room / aka the all day Saturday room. 
Well, you get the idea, we use this room a lot.

A Cheerful Spring Entryway

Yay for February!
I seriously think that January dragged on for wayyyyy too long. Who else agrees?
Nothing against January,  I am just looking forward to some warmer days and spring time and February gets me just a wee bit closer to that.